Welcome to the Jeep Gypsies Web Extravaganza

Who We Are

We are Corey and Jen. We decided to step out of the normal grind and move into what we like to call the "Real American Dream". We now live and work from a 32' Allegro Bus and tug a '98 Jeep Wrangler to explore in. We started this adventure from Southern California and will be making our way around the United States. We will document and share as much information as we can to inspire and help those of you who already are following the dream or wish to experience the "Real American Dream" as well.

We will have more info about us and what we do when we release the site.

Things to look forward to:

  • Articles about RV travel and lifestyle
  • Information about things we use to make life easier
  • Stories about the places we travel to
  • Video of our exploits
  • Interviews with people we meet
  • Offroading information
  • Camping sites
  • Equipment Reviews
  • and much more

Sneak Peek

We are working on articles about the upgrades we are working on currently, including solar power, composting toilet, inverter, and monitoring systems.

Coming Soon

We will be bringing this website live the end of October.


The technical, mechanical, physical arm of this snarky team of adventurers, plus I cook. I am a Photographer, Editor and Marketeer. Off-Roading & flying are my expensive hobbies. Loving our lifestyle

Everywhere, USA