Camp Memberships - Which Ones Do We Have

We keep a few memberships to keep our camp costs down. While we don't always look for a campground to stay the night, we still think it's a good idea to keep your options open. We also like to keep the membership costs to a »

How to be a Full Time RVer - Plan, Work, Live

You Have to be Rich or Retired to RV Full Time, Right? Wrong. When we tell people that we are living in an RV and travel full time. The common response is "I wish I could do that, but..." followed by some reason they can't. »

Who We Are and Why We "Dream"

Us and the "American Dream" We are Corey and Jen, and of course our dog, Piggy. We were both working regular jobs in an office. Jen worked for a large construction company as a corporate recruiter. I worked for a local photographer editing photos and »

Welcome to the Jeep Gypsies Web Extravaganza

Who We Are We are Corey and Jen. We decided to step out of the normal grind and move into what we like to call the "Real American Dream". We now live and work from a 32' Allegro Bus and tug a '98 Jeep Wrangler »